Be a party goer not a party thrower!

You've planned a great party for your anniversary, birthday, house warming, and invited all your friends and family. You're really looking forward to seeing everyone, but worrying about what food to serve, who's going to organise the music, serve the drinks and clear up.  Let's face it it's probably you!  There's lots to think about when you're planning an event, and it's difficult to squeeze it in along side the day job.  On the day, you find yourself running around like a busy bee, wanting everything to be perfect.  By the time the event actually arrives you're tired and stressed.  And as for talking to people and catching up with old friends, you're too busy in the kitchen with the food or refreshing drinks. Sound familiar?

Parties don't have to be like this!  You need to be organised, have a time plan, and ask for help.  It's important to know your strengths and weaknesses.  If you're a Cordon Bleu chef and love cooking, fantastic!  But not everyone wants to be doing everything themselves.  Cook a few signature things and buy the rest from M&S or Waitrose!  Ask for help from your friends. They'll be more than happy to make a dessert or a salad.  Or if cooking's not for you, get the caterers in!

When it comes to making things go smoothly on the day, why not get some help in?  Maybe you have a cleaner who can stack the dishwasher and wash up.  If you have older kids, incentivise them with a little bit of cash to wash up the glasses and pick up rubbish.  For older teenagers, maybe they can man the bar and refill people's drinks, or walk round with plates of food.

If you're having a dinner party, suggest you each do a course, and if you live within walking distance you can have a course at each house!  Let your friends in your kitchen and give them a knife to chop some veg while they sip their wine.  And take them up on their offer to help stack the dishwasher!

But if you really can't face all the work and just want to have fun, call in the experts!  I can help with your party planning, find a venue, hire a marquee, arrange caterers and source entertainment.  Or if you're having a dinner party, I can help you choose the menu, do the grocery shopping, help you prepare and clear up, so you can enjoy your guests.  Time to get out of the kitchen and start having fun!