How a tenacious approach got us our perfect holiday

Last year my husband and I had a last minute window of opportunity for a week away.  No kids, what an incentive!  But he's a bit fussy and doesn't like beach holidays as he gets bored.  Many years ago we discovered sailing which is now a shared family passion. So it had to be a yachting holiday somewhere warm, not too far away but for less than £1500 including flights.  That's a pretty tall order for those in the know!

So I set about with quite a lot of determination, to find our dream holiday.  I searched the web, sent emails, made calls. Nowt, nothing, all booked up.  With 10 days to go I was getting desperate! Then I found a website for a yacht in Croatia.  Great location, tick. I emailed the owner and he came back straight away to say yes it was free for the dates we wanted and he would give us a 20% discount as it was last minute.  He sent a contract, which we signed.  We then had to transfer the money, £900, gulp!  I rang the owner to get all the details and he sounded genuine, so I did it. I then asked him if he could arrange for someone to pick us up from the airport.  He said his son would do it, and take us to the supermarket on the way to the marina. 

So, we duly arrived on the allotted day at the airport in Split and imagine our relief when the owner's son was actually there waiting for us!  And better still, at the marina was a fantastic yacht!  We had taken a big risk, but it had paid off.  Needless to say we had a fabulous week sailing in Croatia, and have re-booked for this year.

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So the moral of the story is that I'm pretty good at finding niche holidays with tricky criteria and with a tight budget.  I'd love to prove my skills to you and help you find your perfect holiday.  And the other moral is that, sometimes, when you do your research and have a little faith in human nature, it works out!