Remembering what's important in life

I visited the Thames Valley Expo today and really enjoyed meeting people and making new contacts.  I went to listen to some very inspirational speakers including Pam Warren, Paddington Rail Crash Survivor and Brad Burton, founder of 4Networking. Brad had a very powerful message for us entrepreneurs, which is believe in your dream or no-one else will.  He also talked about having a nervous breakdown and nearly getting divorced through over-work.  Many of us have sailed close to the wind when it comes to doing too much and thinking that the ultimate goal in life is to make lots of money.  But if someone told you that this is your last day on the planet, would you say 'I must just clear my inbox'?  Doubt it!   I think we would want to spend time with our loved ones having fun.

Although I am in business to make a living, I do genuinely want to help people reduce their stress by offloading their chores. If I can make someone's life easier by lightening their load then it will be a genuine pleasure to feel like I'm making a tangible difference.  If you think I can help you, please get in touch.