Take the pain out of moving house

Moving house can be a nightmare!  Getting your house clean and tidy and finishing off DIY you just never got round to. Then there's all the paperwork and meetings with the mortgage adviser, solicitor and estate agents,  When you've sold your property and found one to move to, the hard work really starts. Clearing out the loft and getting rid of clutter you've accumulated over the years.  Finding a trusted removal company and packing up your stuff. Sorting our your utilities and making sure that you have a phone line and internet connection before next Christmas!  Letting everyone one know you've got a new address, including the post office and companies you deal with.  And then on moving day cleaning the house your leaving, marshaling the kids and pets and making the removal men endless cups of tea.  All this and you still have to go to work, I'm exhausted just thinking about it!

So, how can you take the stress out of a very stressful situation? The key is to think about what tasks you can outsource to make your life easier. At Berkshire Lifestyle Concierge we have had plenty of experience at moving ourselves and other people and are well aware of the steps involved.  We can help you de-clutter and arrange for trades people to fix those niggles.  There are removal companies we can recommend and we, or the removal company, can help you pack your stuff. Utilities can be organised so you don't have to worry if the electricity will be on to make your first cup of tea in your new home. We can help you choose change of address cards and prepare letters to notify companies that you've moved.  Catteries, kennels and childcare can be arranged, as well as one off cleaners.  And if you need another pair of hands on the day, we'll even make the tea!  Have a look at our website www.berkslifestyle.co.uk or arrange a free consultation to see how we can help you take the pain out of moving house.