Who does your 'Wife Work'?

What an earth is 'wife work'?!  Well, my definition is all the stuff that keeps the wheels oiled at home and in the family.  For example, keeping the birthday/anniversary calendar, buying the cards and presents, filling in forms for the kids and writing the cheques, making the dentist/doctor/vet appointments, researching holidays, checking the kids shoes still fit....I could go on!  There are times when the to-do list is just overwhelming, particularly for women.  Because in my experience (but of course there are always exceptions!) it is usually the female of the species carrying out these types of tasks.  Men can do them of course, but they usually like to focus on one thing at a time (at least in my husband's case!).  Women are proven multi-taskers, who naturally can juggle work, kids, domestic duties, social life, exercise, having fun.  What, you can't manage all those things?!!  Are you getting stressed, feeling guilty you don't get to spend quality time with your family and not having enough time to do the things you enjoy?  Time to outsource then!  Help is at hand when you call in Berkshire Lifestyle Concierge.  We can pick up your to-do list and get those tedious or difficult jobs sorted while you have a little down time.  Who wouldn't want a virtual 'wife' in their life? Get in touch at 07487 170707.