Why I hate going on holiday!

Well, it's not the holiday I hate, it's the getting ready. It's the finishing off the work, sorting out the pets, preparing the house for shutdown and then there's the packing. God, I hate packing! I still haven't developed the art of packing light and feel inclined to take the kitchen sink, just in case. Many a row has been created when everything doesn't fit in the car! It's fine when you're travelling in this country, because you know you can buy everything you need, but going abroad creates a whole new level of anxiety. What if I forget something critical - some prescription medecine, my contact lenses, my son's special blanket....

Preparing for you long dreamed of holiday can be a really stressful time each year. On the one hand you're looking forward to relaxing with your family, but on the other you're dreading the extra hassle that comes with it beforehand.Wouldn't it be great to be able to offload some of those tasks so you can focus on the all important packing?

One call and a Concierge can book the car park or arrange a taxi. Need to find a kennel? Check. Want a key holder who can look after security and your alarm? Check. Want someone to pick up the post and water the plants? Check. Last minute errands? Check. Whatever you need which helps you save time and reduce your stress is what we offer. Just don't ask me to help with the packing!

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